CAA Sisterhood is the mix of women from all age groups who have formed lifelong bonds by not only being members of the Congregation Agudas Achim but also by 

empowering themselves to run an organization.

Sisterhood Agudas Achim supports our own community through a vast array of programming for the congregants as well as contributing financially to the CAARS (Congregation Agudas Achim Religious school), USY and other synagogue projects, such as the Kitchen upgrades.

Sisterhood Agudas Achim is a member of the Women’s League of Conservative Judaism. Women’s League is the largest synagogue-based conservative women’s organization in the world. Our mission is to strengthen and unite the women of our congregation and support them in mutual efforts, to understand and perpetuate Conservative Judaism in the home, synagogue, and community and to reinforce our bonds with Israel and Jews worldwide.




Rosh Hashanah Honey Fundraiser

FREE SHIPPING when order by Monday, July 24th, your cost is $11.00 per jar.

After July 24th, your cost is $11.00 plus $4 per jar shipping.  We will gladly mail orders outside the United States for an additional fee.

Sisterhood is offering “L’Shana Tova Honey” that members can send as New Year gifts.  A distinctive 8-ounce jar of kosher honey will arrive in time for the Rosh Hashanah holiday, decorated with a festive label, and includes a personalized card reading “L’Shana Tova—Wishing you a Healthy and Happy New Year.” 

To order honey, visit and follow the step-by-step instructions. To avoid shipping cost, all honey orders must be placed by July 24th online regardless the type of payment.

  • Paying by credit card - please go online.
  • Paying by check - please go online and place the order and indicated that you will send check. Please payable to "SAA" and send check to Sharon Yamin, 6007 Bon Terra Drive, Austin, Texas 78731.

If you need assistance to place an order online, or request the honey order form or have questions, please contact Sharon Yamin at the information below.
Sharon Yamin: (e) | (p) 512-791-4333

ALL orders must be placed by August 31st to guarantee delivery by Rosh Hashanah.


Want to meet new people and connect with your friends! 

Renew friendships, commitment & your membership!
Delay – Join Sisterhood Today!

Early Bird Membership Dues are only $36 until August 31st!

Join us for a wonderful year of interesting & fun programs, as we continue to support our community. All our activities are made possible by YOUR membership. Annual dues are $42 after Aug 31.

Be a Miriam Level Sisterhood member for only $54 at any time. Your increased donation allows Sisterhood to be open to all women, regardless of finances.

Checks can be made payable to: “SAA” & mailed to: CAA/SAA, Membership, P.O. Box 28400 Austin, TX 78755-8400. Questions? Please contact membership VP, Cindy Fudman by

Please click here to renew your membership!



What is CAA Sisterhood?

The best part of our CAA Sisterhood is the mix of women from all age groups. Bringing together women of many ages and experiences has enabled members to provide their invaluable knowledge, fresh ideas and their own experience to the newer members, so that Sisterhood will thrive and grow with our membership. We develop and initiate new programs and projects, which will benefit our congregation, our community, and our Sisterhood. Your involvement with Sisterhood is very important. We work together to give back to our CAA community while building positive social bonds.  Come to find out what interest you by working on a committee, or volunteer for an event or be part of our board. You’ll be surprise what you will learn and be a part of team!

Where is Sisterhood fund coming from?

By joining sisterhood, there is a small annual membership due acquired. Membership dues are not the only source of funding, there are other fund raising projects like Honey sales, Sunshine Fund and CAA directory; but the biggest one is our gift shop. Sisterhood manages the Judaica Shop is under the direction of Kathy Benayoun as well as a group of dedicated volunteers.


Where does the Sisterhood funds go?

Part of your membership dues will be sent to Women’s League for Conservative Judaism (WLCJ) and the rest of the dues will be combined locally with other sources of funding.  All of our Sisterhood events and programs funding are either provided by our sisters, volunteers, or we collect or both.

Events and programs: New member Brunch; Opening Event; Chanukah Bingo; Sisterhood Shabbat; Tu B’shevat Seder; Fashion Show; Austin Jewish Film Festival Sneak-Peak Lunches; Wine Tour Trip & Torah Fund Dinner

CAARS/USY contributions: CAARS teacher materials and resources; CAARS teacher and staff appreciation gift cards; Confirmation Class Trip; USY/Kadima; B’nai Mitzvah Kiddush Cups

CAA & Community contributions: Membership Welcome bags to new CAA members; CAA Kitchen supplies; Baking for CAA & Sisterhood events and Christmas Cookie Project

For a membership application, please click here. Look for Sisterhood on Facebook. Click here for the Judaica Shop.