We at Congregation Agudas Achim are honored and happy that you are considering becoming part of our community and look forward to welcoming you to our family. When you join, it is an acknowledgement that all of us at Agudas Achim are your family, our Rabbis are your Rabbis, and our beautiful sanctuary is your home.

We are a very diverse Conservative congregation, embracing any who wish to explore and enhance their connection with our God and Jewish spirituality, learning and culture, and with each other. We are Jews by birth, Jews by choice and interfaith couples and families; adults and children; individuals, couples and families; gay and straight. Inspired by our tradition, we welcome and encourage full and equal participation of both men and women in all aspects of synagogue life. We come together for worship, study, life cycle events, tikkun olam and other occasions to share joy, lend support and provide comfort, and we pride ourselves on having something for everyone.

If you want to speak or meet with anyone in our Agudas Achim family from our clergy to our Membership VP, just call 512-735-8400 or contact us online. We welcome visitors to all our services: Friday evening, Saturday morning and daily minyans. Please let us know if you are visiting so we can be sure to greet you.

We welcome you to join our family by filling out our Membership Form. Please be assured that financial issues will never stand between anyone and membership at Congregation Agudas Achim.

Supporting the financial realities of our community includes:

An annual financial commitment supporting our clergy, programs, services, and daily operations; and a longer term investment in our foundations – literally and figuratively – to maintain our sacred space. Note: All membership types (except Associate) receive High Holy Day tickets to the main sanctuary service.



$36/month for 5 years
One-time payment of $2160

$18/month for 5 years
One-time payment of $1080


For more information about our Kol HaKavod Membership Program, click here.