High Holy Days


5777 High Holy Day Schedule




At 10:15 (note: updated time), we will gather at Austin Memorial Park to open up our world and to invite the memories of those who we hold dear (and/or who gave us the gift of life) into the New Year. The traditional idea is that we maintain our connection to those who have passed away -- we perform teshuvah with those departed, offering forgiveness and granting forgiveness for any remaining issues that keep us blocked or diminished. Standing in a cemetery a few days before Yom Kippur also reminds us of our own mortality -- and serves to keep our own actions (machinations) in perspective. Our entire community is welcome -- we will offer public and private prayers, including the El Malei Rachamim for each dear person, of our blessed memory, whether or not they are buried in our Beit Kevurot (cemetery).


At 1:00, all are invited to Beverly Sheffield Park (7000 Ardath St, 78757) as we gather together and to throw our pieces of bread into the living waters. This is a fun act of unburdening as we sing and exclaim our hopes for the New Year. Do bring your shofar -- we are delighted to have desserts for everyone (donut holes) -- signifying the completion of one year, and offering inspiration for the sweetness of the next. All are welcome. There will also be a community pot-luck after!

Become an Ushers

If you would like to do more than attend the High Holy Day services this year, consider participating as an usher. Ushers perform important functions, ensuring that services run smoothly and making congregants and visitors alike feel the friendliness that is such an important part of CAA.
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High Holy Day Torah Readings (Learn High Holy Day Torah readings)

Reading When Holiday Is On Shabbat Reading When Holiday Is Not On Shabbat
First Day Rosh Hashanah First Day Rosh Hashanah
Cohen (First) Aliyah (B'reishit (Genesis) 21:1-4)  Cohen (First) Aliyah (B'reishit (Genesis) 21:1-4) 
Levi (Second) Aliyah (Br. 21:5-8)  Levi (Second) Aliyah (Br. 21:5-12)
Third Aliyah (Br. 21:9-12)  Third Aliyah (Br. 21:13-21)
Fourth Aliyah (Br. 21:13-17)  Fourth Aliyah (Br. 21:22-27) 
Fifth Aliyah (Br. 21:18-21)  Fifth Aliyah (Br. 21:28-34) 
Sixth Aliyah (Br. 21:22-27)  Maftir (Bamidbar (Numbers) 29:1-6) 
Seventh Aliyah (Br. 21:28-34)   
Maftir (Bamidbar (Numbers) 29:1-6)   
Second Day Rosh Hashanah  Second Day Rosh Hashanah
Second day does not occur on Shabbas  Cohen (First) Aliyah (B'reishit (Genesis) 22:1-3) 
  Levi (Second) Aliyah (Br. 22:4-8) 
  Third Aliyah (Br. 22:9-14) 
  Fourth Aliyah (Br. 15-19) 
  Fifth Aliyah (Br. 20-24) 
  Maftir (Bamidbar (Numbers) 29:1-6) 
Yom Kippur Shacharit Yom Kippur Shacharit
Cohen (First) Aliyah (Vayikra (Leviticus) 16:1-3) Cohen (First) Aliyah (Vayikra (Leviticus)16:1-6)
Levi (Second) Aliyah (Vayikra 16:4-6) Levi (Second) Aliyah (Vayikra 16:7-11) 
Third Aliyah (Vayikra 16:7-11)  Third Aliyah (Vayikra 16:12-17) 
Fourth Aliyah (Vayikra 16:12-17)  Fourth Aliyah (Vayikra 16:18-24) 
Fifth Aliyah (Vayikra 16:18-24)  Fifth Aliyah (Vayikra 16:25-30) 
Sixth Aliyah (Vayikra 16:25-30)  Sixth Aliyah (Vayikra 16:31-34) 
Seventh Aliyah (Vayikra 16:31-34)  Maftir (Bamidbar (Numbers) 29: 7-11)
Maftir (Bamidbar (Numbers) 29: 7-11)  



Suggested High Holy Day Reading

    The following books may be of great spiritual depth, and possible guides through this season.
  • Days of Awe, Agnon, the Israeli Nobel Laureate.  It is a stunning collection of wisdom on the themes of Repentance and Turning culled from every period of Jewish learning.
  • Entering the High Holydays, Rabbi Dr. Reuven Hammer (Jewish Publication Society).  A guide to the services and themes of the High Holydays by the past president of the (Conservative) Rabbinical Assembly and a professor at the Schecter Institute in Jerusalem.
  • 60 Days,  Rabbi Simon Jacobson.  A spiritual guide to each of the 60 days between Shavuot and Sukkot. Provides a great gift of combining insight from the kabbalistic and Hassidic traditions with an understanding of the spiritual quest of modernity
  • This Is Real and You Are Completely Unprepared, Rabbi Alan Lew, published by Time Warner.  An eclectic but profound approach to the themes of repentance, turning and prayer.